How Can I Activate HDFC SMS Banking?

HDFC Bank provides many facilities to their customers, recently HDFC has introduced SMS service to their customers. With this facility you can check your bank balance, can apply for loans, manage your credit card, and many more benefits. There are many ways to activate your SMS banking service provided by HDFC Bank. So, if you are a customer of the HDFC branch, and yet you have not activated your SMS banking service, then let me tell help you in the process of activating it. Let’s see each method one by one, and enjoy these facilities provided by HDFC Bank.

How Can I Activate HDFC SMS Banking?

How Can I Activate HDFC SMS Banking?

HDFC provides so many ways to register for HDFC SMS Banking, let’s see how many methods are there and understand them one by one with detailed explanations.

There are three ways to activate the HDFC SMS service:

  1. By SMS
  2. By NetBanking
  3. By ATM

Activate HDFC SMS Banking by SMS:

  • You can send the following SMS: “Register<Space>Last 4 digits of customer ID<Space>Last 4 digits of account number” to 7308080808.
  • After sending this SMS they will activate your SMS service instantly.

Activate HDFC SMS Banking service By NetBanking:

  • Firstly, log in to your NetBanking Account using your customer id and password.
  • Click on SMS Banking Registration.
Activate HDFC SMS Banking
Activate HDFC SMS Banking Process
  • Fill in the required details and continue.

Your HDFC SMS service will be activated after submitting all the details.

Activate HDFC SMS Banking by ATM:

  • Put your ATM in ATM Machine and enter your ATM PIN.
  • Go to “More Option” on the home page.
  • Enter your mobile number for SMS banking registration.
  • Tap confirmation on the menu.

and your SMS service will start within a minute.

Benefits of HDFC SMS Banking

There are lots of benefits of HDFC SMS banking, you can check your account bank balance, apply for loans, manage your credit cards, and a lot more. When you are out of your internet and you are in hurry to check your account balance then just by a simple SMS you can check your bank balance. You can place a request just by sending an SMS, this convenience reduces the need to visit your HDFC home branch. And the most valuable benefit is that you can use HDFC SMS service without any charges it is totally free. HDFC provides so many benefits to its account holders.


How do I register for SMS Banking?

For Registering SMS Banking in HDFC bank send ‘REG<space>Account number’ to 09223488888 from your registered mobile number via SMS.

Are there any charges for HDFC SMS Banking?

No, there are no charges for using HDFC SMS service. You can use it whenever you want without any charges.

Can I activate HDFC SMS Banking for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can activate HDFC SMS Banking for multiple accounts.

How can I check my bank balance using HDFC SMS Banking service?

You can check your HDFC bank balance by sending an SMS “bal” to 5676712. You will receive an instant message on your mobile number with the details of your HDFC account balance.

Can I activate HDFC SMS Banking service online?

Yes, you can activate your HDFC SMS Banking online. Follow these steps to activate your HDFC SMS Banking:-

First, log in to your HDFC NetBanking.
visit SMS Banking Registration,
Fill in the required details and click on continue.
After completing all the details and submitting the registration you will receive an SMS of your activation of your HDFC SMS Banking

How do I change my mobile number for HDFC SMS Banking?

For changing your number for HDFC SMS banking you have to visit the HDFC branch and follow these steps:

Visit the HDFC Branch,
Fill in the form to update your mobile number
Provide proof of your mobile number
The bank will update your mobile number and update you while sending an SMS to your new mobile number.

How can I register for HDFC SMS alerts?

you can register by sending an SMS “Register<Space>Last 4 digits of customer ID<Space>Last 4 digits of account number” to 7308080808.

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In conclusion, activating HDFC SMS Banking is an easy process that can be done through various processes. I explained the process step by step, hope all the steps are understandable to you. There are many methods to activate SMS Banking, by SMS, by NetBanking, or by ATM you can try anyone that is suitable for you. Visit our Home page to solve your queries related to the bank.

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